Embroidery (Tatreez) is the most indigenous form of art in Palestine. It is a language for expression. The most common items are the cross-stitch-embroidered dressess made by village women from natural handmade materials. The earliest embroidery combines predominantly geometric and abstract patterns (triangles, eight pointed stars, chevrons, squares, lozenges) with some representational motifs such as flowers and trees. Later, other motifs were introduced as a result of influences and historical events.

We hope that this web site will motivate some, anyone, Palestinian or not, to take interest in this delicate art of Palestinian embroidery.

  • We are a nonprofit  team that supports Palestinian craft producers  -- women’s groups, artisan cooperatives and disabled people’s organizations.

  • By promoting traditional handicrafts locally and internationally, we support economic self-help efforts of those living in difficult conditions in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  • Each one of product is made by hand with care, and in the spirit of preserving Palestinian craft traditions.

Special thanks to Palestine Costume Archive, Canberra ,Sunbula, Jerusalem
Palestine Red Crescent Society, Khan Younis,Family Care Society, Amman
Abed Al-Samih Abu Omar, Jerusalem,
Turath Shopping Mall - Amman

The Society of In'ash El-Usra ,Palestinian Embroidery


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TATREEZ.NET seeks to preserve and promote Palestinian handicrafts and folklore